Document Scanning

Solutions for scanning large quantities of documents is our speciality.

We have the knowledge, experience and solutions. We can explain the pro's and con's based on practical experience.

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ORION ScanIT is specifically designed for daily use by regular office workers.It enables users to scan, ocr, index and process a batch of documents: easy and fast!

It allows you to store or e-mail the scanned documents or send them directly to MS SharePoint Libraries and other backend applications.

Business Processing

Automating the processing of your documents will save you a lot of money and speed up your business processes.

Analyzing the content of the documents enables automatic classification and data capture. The data can be used as input for the business process.

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Revolutionary software to recognize documents and data.

ORION Déjà Vu uses a new and advanced method based on Knowledge Base technology to recognize and learn information about specific documents. This results in the most accurate recognition in the industry.

Digital Mailroom

Automatically capture and classify all information entering your organization, then route it to the appropriate person or department while providing auditing and tracking of  correspondence.

Streamline your operations, save costs and conform to regulations.

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A browser based server application that enables you to process documents fast and efficiently and deliver them to different backend applications based on content of the documents.

ORION Xerver offers powerful distributed capture and document processing. It allows distributed users to validate and add metadata through a fully browser based web interface.

AP Invoice Processing

Lost invoices, unclear procedures, delays, errors. Even with the best intentions, things go wrong to often.

Processing AP Invoices is complex, time-consuming and error-prone.
And therefor a process that can easily be improved!

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An application specially developed for processing incoming AP invoices.

Uses advanced Knowledge base technology for data recognition and automatic routing for approval and three-way matching.
Integrates easily with your financial and business applications.

We have the experience:

  • Digital Mailroom for Fortis ASR
  • AP Processing for Heineken
  • Check Lockbox scanning for RBS Europe
  • Digital Mailroom for Aegon
  • Scanning for Bayer and Beiersdorf
  • AP processing for Egemin Automation
  • Scanning to SharePoint for Teck
  • Document Processing for Euroports
  • Document Processing for EDR